North Country – Dylan

I’ve been trying to keep myself away from his music since it has such an overwhelming influence over my mood. But then who can really stay away?


It’s the 13th

Zaleplon: Welcome back

Me: Did I ever leave?

Zaleplon: Actually yes. For quite a while

Me: Hmm. I did. I did.

Zaleplon: I liked not having you here

Me: Somethings can’t be helped

Zaleplon: Have you learnt?

Me: I did

Zaleplon: Yourself?

Me: What if I love her more?

Zaleplon: You’d be stuck with me again you know

Me: I know

Zaleplon: I’m not the best company

Me: Your company represents something

Zaleplon: Like what?

Me: That it was real

Zaleplon: It’s always real

Me: I’ll be okay

Zaleplon: You sure about that?

Me: Yes,

Zaleplon: I hope so

Me: It’s the 13th

Zaleplon: I know

Me: Should we celebrate then?

Zaleplon: What are we celebrating?

Me: Everything. It’s the 13th. It’s everything.


Third LP Purchase – Are you Experienced?

It’s very difficult to follow up my initial purchases of “Highway 61 Revisited” and “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” with a record that can at least stand by its own among those two. Highway 61 is in my opinion the greatest album of all the time. It definitely has the greatest song of all time as its opening hymn.

I was able to shortlist two candidates. Jimi Hendrix’s Are you Experienced or Joni Mitchell’s Blue. Both records are as polar from each other as polar can be. While Jimi explores the realm of psychedelic influence with experimentation, Blue is more of an album about love in its many guises. I woke up today with Joni’s “A Case of You” playing in my head. That’s what she can do to you.

But there has to be something more. That something more is my favorite Hendrix song of all time. “May this be Love”. It’s the first song I played in the morning while starting work. That’s just about it isn’t it. The ending track for Highway 61 is the haunting ballad titled “Desolation Row”. If any song is going to follow that, it has to be “May this be Love”.


So that’s it. The Baptism of my turntable continues with Jimi Hendrix’s “Are you Experienced”.